Creative Director, Antheus


Devin is an animist and spirit worker based in San Francisco, California. He brings years of experience in floral design and ritual work to his projects and clients.

As a florist, he works alongside many of the most brilliant floral minds in the Bay Area to design and execute flowers for weddings, special events and weekly accounts. His affinity for all things wild is reflected in every arrangement.

As a diviner and reader, he serves clients near and far by offering guidance concerning unique and varied spiritual matters. He is also available for gatherings, celebrations and classes.

As a ritualist he creates, leads, and holds space for transformative ceremonies. He specializes in ecstatic, initiatory and purification work. In addition to client work and extensive personal devotions, he serves the broader community in the spiritual triage and temple space hosted by Strong Roots & Wide Branches (a polytheist and animist learning community) at Pantheacon each year as well as in Oakland's Temple of Dionysos.

As a spirit worker he primarily works with mediterranean deities, queer ancestors, ancestors of resistance, and a whole host of plant teachers and allies in order to facilitate healing and reciprocity for all involved. He also teaches classes about Bacchic Orphic mysteries and magical techniques. 

Antheus is an Ancient Greek epithet attributed to several Gods meaning of the flowers, flowering.